Vallée de Mai
oil on canvas cm 50 x 40
This place is like a green cathedral, a sacred and ancient place; I walk slowly, trying to be quiet, I don't want to invade the sacredness of this place with the sound of my footsteps... what an illusion! I just realized the sound of my footsteps is hardly perceptible compared with the rumble of the palm leaves rubbed against each others by the wind. A deafening noise, interrupted at times by the cracking of a branch falling from the mother plant. It's the voice of the forest singing to the tune of a musician called wind.
oil on canvas cm 120 x 40

watercolor cm 30 x 40
oil on canvas cm 30 x 40

Cocò de mer
pastels cm 30 x 30

Cousin island

La Digue island

Flycatcher, La Digue island

Cocò de mer, Praslin island

Valleè de Mai, Praslin island

Sketch-book of Silhouette Island

The Ars et Natura Project

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Sala Margana

Kaz Zanana, Mahé

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the opening

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Courtyard animal

domestic duck


domestic rabbit

guinea hen

rooster, hen and pullet

domestic pig

domestic goose

domestic peacock

domestic pigeon

domestic turkey

Back to my roots... Perù

peruvian Andes
oil on canvas cm 50 x 40

Colca Valley, Perù
oil on canvas cm 40 x 30

Paracas reserve

Paracas reserve

Paracas reserve

San Fernando bay

Uchupalla, Tablazo de Ica

Datura flowers, Colca valley 

Malata village, Colca valley

Salineras de Maras,  Valle Sagrado

Women, Chincero village