Costa Rica

The Ars et Natura project in Costa Rica
In collaboration with the Costa Rica Tourism Board ICT and the association "Foreste per sempre", a group of italian artists travelled in the north of the Country, from the Pacific coast, going through central mountains, to get to the Atlantic coast. The project aims to portray Costa Rica's flora and fauna through sketches and paintings.

Ars et Natura group with Epsy Campbell Barr,
vice president Costa Rica
Museo de la Jade, San José
Crayon, cm 28 x 21
Reserva Karen Mogesen
Monos Aulladores, Aluatta palliata
watercolour, cm 28x21

Historius odius
synthetic watercolour, cm 28x21

Reserva Cabo Blanco
Monos Aulladores, Aluatta palliata
Watercolour, cm 28 x 21  
 Sketchbook, Watercolour

Wild Green Iguana, Iguana Iguana
Mixed techniques, cm 28 x 21 

Parque Nacional Palo Verde
synthetic watercolour, cm 28x21
Parque Nacional Cahuita
Mapache, Procyon lotor
Crayon, cm 28 x 21 

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