Amazon forever...

Poems: myth, rivers, trees, animals...

under the sponsorship of:
WWF Italia
Accademia Mondiale della Poesia
Commissione Italiana Nazionale per l'UNESCO
Winner of the Green Book 2010 award at the Pisa Book Festival

Darwin Edizioni 2010

official launch, Sala Margana, Roma

exhibition and reading
Dynamo Camp (PT), Tuscany

exhibition and reading
Lund University, Sweden

exhibition and reading
Internationella Biblioteket, Stockholm

winner of the Green Book 2012 award
Pisa Book Festival

Amazon forever... exhibition
zoology museum, Rome

Lerici Pea award 2011
Lerici (SP), Italy

with Jane Goodall

Marcia Theophilo,Elisa and our book

with Hernan Huarache Mamani

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